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Hours: Monday 1-5 Tues -Thurs 10-7 & Fri & Sat 10-5 & Closed Sunday

400 West South Boulder Road Suite 2400
Lafayette, CO 80026
Phone (303) 661-9335 

Notice:  Lafayette Music  will be Closed on Monday July 4th
Regular hours resume on Tuesday July 5th
Have a Happy and Safe Holiday!!
We are now located on the South side of Lafayette Marketplace 
where the JAX Ranch & Home store is located.  

This is the center behind the Taco Bell.  

Look for us east of Hwy 287 on the south side of So. Boulder Rd.  

We are located behind the JAX Ranch & Home store. 

Our entrance faces south.  You can see our sign from

 the intersection of Courtney Way and Coal Creek Dr.



NOW 10% OFF Regular Prices!!!!!! 



You can still donate to our Legal Expense fund

Legal expenses have mounted to nearly $50,000 since last year


Flatirons Church moved us to Suite 2400 in February of this year which is a 

combination  of the former Bistro503 and Crossroads Tavern.

Our most recent negotiations with the church have resulted in 

the decision to move out of this shopping center by October 31, 2016.

Without going into a lot of details on what led to this decision suffice

to say that we are presently looking at our options.

We are happy that we will not be moving before

back-to-school since that is our busiest season and not

really that far off.  We are looking for a new space and as soon

as we know where we will be going we will announce our new

location by email and on our website.



Click here to take a nostalgic walk through our former store in Suite 1500 - Once we are settled in our new location we plan to do a new Google walk through.


 Lafayette Music "online"

Lafayette Music stocks more than 30,000 unique items including instruments, accessories and print music titles and most  of these items are now available online through our new e-commerce site. Our goal is to provide an efficient, user friendly addition to our retail store. For example, if you are in the Denver metropolitan area, standard shipping on media, accessories or instruments should arrive on either the next business day or the day after if you get your order in by noon. Customers outside that area will take longer but will normally be 3 to 5 business days. Also, if you are currently entitled to special discounts under the Student Appreciation program, the Customer Appreciation program or any of our other private teacher, school or church programs, you can continue to enjoy those benefits - all you have to do is let us know that you are interested in ordering online and we will set up your special user id. We even offer our Purchase Option Plan to online customers including all our instrument exchange options - simply contact us for details if you are interested in one of our instruments. 

Mix and Match promotions

Watch for our "Mix and Match" specials. Whenever you check on an item, look to see if there is a promotion code following the description. If there is, there will also be a display of similar items with the same discount. Click on any item to see more promotional items. Remember - you get all your regular discounts in addition to our special promotions.

Currently there are not mix and match promotion during our moving sale.  


Rentals vs "Purchase Option Plan"

We still have people confused as to whether or not we "rent" instruments. What Lafayette Music uses instead of the industry standard rent-to-own contract is what we call the "Purchase Option Plan", POP for short. To find out more details about the plan, click on the tab above this frame. Very briefly, the Purchase Option Plan gives you all the benefits of renting with added benefits of purchasing. It also allows an exceptional degree of flexibility in tailoring a contract to suit your needs and desires: trade in an instrument you no longer need or want, pay some extra up front to lower the monthly payment, transfer credit from one instrument to another or make a donation to your favorite school. These are just some of the options that come standard on these contracts, but if all you're really looking for is low monthly payments, you'll also find some of the best rates available.

New, Like New and Used Instruments 


We have both new and used instruments, all of which we warrant to be in good playing condition when you leave our store.

We never sell used or consignment instruments "as is".

The monthly payments on instruments are based on purchase price as well as the type of instrument.

To help you find what you're looking for, each instrument that is listed online that is valued at $150.00 or more lists the Purchase Option Price,

the monthly installment price based on the full installment purchase price,

or the discounted price if you want to purchase the instrument outright.

While we post as many instruments as we can online, some instruments are only available at the store.

Sometimes we have not had time to get them posted but more often it is because

of dealer contracts that do not allow certain models of instruments to be sold online.

These are, for the most part, new, student instruments.

Once these instruments have been out and can no longer be considered "new", however, we list them as "Like New" or "Used".

The difference between "Like New" and "Used" is essentially a question of appearance.

"Like New" instruments have relatively minor blemishes or dents, many of which are hard to notice.

A "Used" instrument shows clear signs of wear but is still in good playing condition.


We are authorized dealers for such name brands such as Bach, Selmer, Armstrong, Buffet, Besson, Courtois, Galway, Getzen, Gemeinhardt, Sonare, Blessing, Ludwig, Knilling, F. E. Olds, International Strings, Scherl & Roth, Hofner, Ibanez, Spear, Alvarez, Tanara, Takamine, Ovation, Ohana and more.