When comparing or analyzing Lafayette Music's instrument prices, you need to keep the following points in mind:

  1. "Your price" is the discounted price which is 15% less than the Purchase Option Price or installment price in the product description. This is the price you pay if you pay off the instrument completely whether by cash, check, or charge card.
  2. The Monthly Installment Price is the price per month for the number of months listed. The monthly installment amount works just like a typical rent-to-own plan but with the addtional options of Lafayette Music's Purchase Option Plan. If you pay the monthly amount for the length of the contract, it will equal the Purchase Option Price.
  3. If you choose the monthly installment, you will have to come by the store to sign the contract and pick up the instrument. This may also require a credit check depending on the value of the instrument. If you want to reserve an instrument, you can send us an e-mail specifying the instrument you want. If it is still available, we will hold it for up to 24 hours but we cannot guarantee availability, especially during back-to-school.
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Banjo Washburn B-12 Used
Banjo Washburn B-12 Used

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