Business for Sale

Janet and I have decided that it is time to retire from the music business but finding the right person to take over Lafayette Music has not been easy. What we finally decided on was an approach that would not only satisfy our desire to slow down our lives but also address the desire of our vendors and customers for a viable and successful local music store. To accomplish this, we had to address people using our Purchase Option Plan as well as our regular customers.

Purchase Option Plan

We will continue to service all the Purchase Option Plan contracts for repairs, loaners, and exchanges just as we have been doing until the store is either sold or the contracts are completed, however long that takes. At the same time, the payoff option on these contracts will use whatever Inventory Reducton Discount is in effect.

Inventory Reduction Discount

The inventory reduction discount is a percentage discount that will be applied to all the inventory including instruments, music, accessories, or gifts, with only a few exceptions for gift certificates and repairs. It will not necessarily apply, however, to web site prices since these prices are often subject to vendor agreements which we do not want to violate. Current web site discounts will be reflected on the site so you would need to contact us by phone or email for any changes.

Our current inventory reduction discount is:


"NN" stands for the current discount which will remain in effect until the store is either sold or we decide to increase it. It is beginning at 25% and will steadily increase in increments of 5 or 10 per cent. We will post the new discount on a Tuesday morning on our web site and will try to get an email sent out on Monday night letting people know what the new discount will be If you want to be sure to get notified and are not on our email list, let us know. The new discount will then remain  in effect until the store is either sold or the discount is increased. It will be prominently posted on our home page.

As the discount increases, our selection will also decrease but we will attempt to maintain a minimum inventory of items like strings, reeds, and printed music to support continuing instrument sales and rentals as well as provide the more popular method books and classical literature. We will also continue to provide some rentals to qualified buyers but may decide to suspend the rental option at some point.

Our hope is that by gradually reducing our inventory while continuing to operate as a viable business, we will find someone both interested and qualified to take over the business.

Thanks for your understanding and be sure to let us know if you have any questions.

Mark & Janet Benassi