Acoustic Guitar Method Complet

Acoustic Guitar Method Complet

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Acoustic Guitar Method Complete Edition
By Greg Horne
Item: 00-34355
UPC: 038081381084
ISBN 10: 0739066382
ISBN 13: 9780739066386

Series: Complete Method
Category: Guitar Method or Supplement
Format: Book & CD
Instrument: Guitar
Anyone interested in learning to play acoustic guitar can pick up this well-paced, comprehensive method and get started right away. Beginning concepts include right- and left-hand technique, reading music, basic improvisation, barre chords, picking technique, playing bass lines, and basic arranging. Intermediate topics include alternate tunings, scales, how to play in upper positions of the fingerboard, and a rundown of styles like acoustic funk, New Orleans, gypsy swing, Celtic, bluegrass, Cajun, and more. This comprehensive book concludes with more advanced techniques, including "machine gun strums," right-hand muting, slapping, tapping, slap harmonics, and tremolo---as well as styles like reggae, African/Brazilian, norteño, and conjunto. Whether you are starting to learn acoustic guitar or an advanced player looking to improve your playing, this is the one book on acoustic guitar you will ever need. An MP3 CD for demonstration and play-along is included.

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