David Ellefson - Metal Bass

David Ellefson - Metal Bass

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David Ellefson of Megadeth – Metal Bass
Speed, Thrash & Old School
Series: Rock House
Publisher: Rock House
Format: DVD
Artist: Megadeth
Author: David Ellefson

Legendary heavy metal bassist David Ellefson reveals the fundamental skills required to play metal bass. On DVD 1, you'll learn the basics like holding the bass, hand positioning and reading tablature. Key metal elements like playing with a pick and your fingers, how to mute, scale basics, exercises, and alternate tunings are also covered. Learn rhythms & timing, octaves & fifths, and how to create a great bass sound. On DVD 2, David reveals his personal secrets to riff-oriented bass lines and rips through advanced chords, scales and metal bass techniques like the gallop, half step demonic tones, hammer-ons, and pull-offs. Play the bass lines along with the custom drum and guitar backing tracks and experience how it feels to play in a metal band. Formatted for Zone 0 – playable on any DVD system.

Inventory #HL 14037639
ISBN: 9781423492832
UPC: 884088501754
Width: 5.25"
Length: 7.5"

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