21 Amazingly Easy Pieces

21 Amazingly Easy Pieces

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Barbara Arens (*1960)
21 Amazingly Easy Pieces

Can I really play that? - Of course!
EB 8774
"That sounds great - but I´m not advanced enough to play it!" is what all beginners think when they hear one of these "Amazingly Easy Pieces" by Barbara Arens. They are amazingly expressive, sound amazingly difficult/sophisticated, but are truly amazingly easy to play! No octaves or big chords, no "thumbs under" runs - and the fingerings help to let you read the pieces amazingly easily! And so, after her brilliant "One Hand Piano" (EB 8646) Arens has landed another Piano-Hit. "21 Amazingly Easy Pieces" are perfect for recitals - or for hours of self-expression alone on the piano.

Barbara Arens plays her 21 Amazingly Easy Pieces on YouTube

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